Robot84 vs FGTH

by Robot84

Pleasuredub 07:12


Originally released on special edition red vinyl in 2013.

Robot84 vs FGTH
A: FGTH - Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Robot84 Full Vocal Rework)
B: Robot84 - Pleasuredub


ALFREDO - Love this mix, been playing it at space for the last month, including on my WE LOVE SPACE PODCAST.

RUG ' N' TUG - Yeh played it a few times, dope remix!!!

DANNY RAMPLING - Dropped Monday night at Aurra in Ibiza, very good reaction.

EROL ALKAN - I heard Greg Wilson drop this at Bestival, smashed the place up big time, will be playing this tune without a doubt.

EWAN PEARSON - Played it as my third last tune in the main room of SPACE, took the roof off the place, great mix.....

GREG WILSON - Good remix, will include in my sets, played the tune at Bestival amazing reaction.

TOM FINDLAY - Sounds gr8 fellas, in fact, it's practically epic, nice one!!

GRAEME PARK - Cool mix, played it on my 1 mix radio show

CHRIS COCO - Great tune played it on my Melodica radio show.

PETE GOODING - What a mix, I love this tune, made my weekend at Bestival when Greg Wilson dropped it, in fact, it was the tune of the weekend, included on my Global Network Radio show.

BEN SANTIAGO - Been playing this tune for the last month in Ibiza, getting amazing reactions, have included for my Ministry of Sound Radio show.

ANDY WILSON - This is very different from the other mixes I have heard, but works very well, will play on my radio show.

DJ MASH - Track is great guys, will include in my capital Radio Show.

FAZE ACTION - Rockin Remix, instant floor filler.


released June 11, 2013


all rights reserved


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